Alex Keyser

Alex has known Akshay and has been training with him since he was 9 years old. Akshay has always been a great motivator and teacher. He has helped Alex develop great footwork, consistency and good timing in his game. Also, Akshay has a very positive attitude to push the players to reach their highest potential. Alex has learned more about the specific skills to get stronger, faster and mentally tougher on court and it really has improved his game tremendously. Alex is very happy to have Akshay there to help him complete his game. Gina Keyser, Parent of Alex Keyser, Top 10 player in 16 and under National ranking.

Karis Kim

Akshay provides complete training to his students. Karis had a good swing before starting with, but now both forehand and backhand are vastly improved. Even when her swing starts to get a little loose, she has basic fundamentals that she can fall back on. What I like about Akshay is his attention to detail. He can pick up on the smallest thing, but it really does make a difference. His footwork drills have made a big impact as well on her game. He motivates his players by both showcasing them to lower level students and by having them hit with higher level players. Fitness is important to Akshay. He works them hard to improve that area, so they are well prepared for matches. Nick Kim, Parent of Karis Kim, Girls 12 and under OPEN LEVEL

David Hsu, Top 10 Nationally Ranked 18 and under Junior Player

Akshay Arora is a great footwork and conditioning tennis coach. Before working with Akshay a few years ago, I felt that something was missing from my game, which restricted me from reaching the next level. After searching around, I was recommended to Akshay, and within a few sessions, I could see the drastic improvement in my game. Akshay's lessons have not only improved the footwork and conditioning aspect of my game, but have also helped me develop other parts of my game that were being held back as well. He has helped me tremendously with other aspects of the game, such as nutrition, diet, properly scheduling training with rest, match play strategy, and other recovery tips that have turned my game around so I could perform better on the national stage. I honestly believe that Akshay can and will bring your game to the next level and beyond.

Logan Staggs

"I noticed a positive change in my son's game after only a few sessions with Akshay! Having trained with Akshay since mid 2009, he has helped take Logan’s game to the next level. The combination of his tennis, footwork, strength and conditioning training have shown a great deal in Logan’s results taking him to 1st place at 2010 Junior Sectionals Boys 14’s. Logan is getting in position for hit shots and hitting the ball harder than ever with less effort. While his opponents are struggling to catch their breath, Logan is hardly winded. He performs better in 3-set matches. His confidence in his tennis game has improved tremendously and best of all, he has fun with Akshay. He hates to miss a lesson. Thanks, Akshay!" - Mike Staggs Parent of Logan Staggs, Top 10 USTA Player

Kaitlyn Nguyen

The Nguyen Family would like to thank you for your continued support and leadership in building Kaitlyn Nguyen’s future in Tennis. As a father, I am happy to have found a person as passionate about Kaitlyn’s future as I am. Upon joining your tennis program Kaitlyn has tremendously improved her game. It is amazing to witness the quality of tennis within such a short period of time. We are committed and excited to see what the next few years will prosper. While you continue to teach the basics of winning tennis, you also exposed Kaitlyn to the fundamentals of strength conditioning and strategy that will be her backbone for success. The goals you set in your program is truly developing her confidence as an athlete that will be mentally and physically prepared for championship style tennis. It is also inspiring to have a tennis professional that is not one dimensional. I am glad your program incorporates not only the skills of becoming a great tennis player, but the elements to have a great vision of the game through performance, strength, lower body conditioning and nutrition. With all of this said we can’t say enough about your patience and understanding with Kaitlyn through her journey with tennis. We will all celebrate in 2016 when the “DREAM” of a Division One Scholarship becomes “REALITY”.

Eric Spence

"In the two months that Eric has worked with Akshay, Eric has observed a marked improvement in his footwork and quickness. Akshay is an excellent choice for the serious player looking to improve his game." - Russ Spence, Parent of Eric Spence, USTA Boys 16’s

Donna Backman

"Being new to tennis, I decided to take lessons from Akshay to learn proper techniques. Within weeks I saw amazing improvement in my game! I am now a 3.0 player aspiring to be a 3.5, thanks to Akshay!" - Donna Backman, Womens 3.0 USTA

Andrew Wirjadistra

"My son Andrew turned 12 this past July and won his first tournament for Boys 12. You have helped him with his forehand, backhand, volley, and serve technique. We appreciate your patience and dedication for the past two years developing Andrew's skills in Tennis. The way you communicate and deliver your knowledge is the key of Andrew's success. Hard work combined with fun teaching are the greatest achievements you have given Andrew for the past two years. Anyone will benefit under your coaching ability." Sincerely, Michael Wirjadisastra, Parent of Andrew Wirjadistra, Boys 12’s, USTA

Christopher Wen

"Chris really enjoys working with you. In the last few months, he has made tremendous progress with his tennis game, fitness, competitiveness, and nutrition. He has become a lot more aggressive during his matches. He hits balls earlier and harder and comes to net more often. He knows how to move more efficiently and puts these moves into his play. Also, he eats healthier foods than before after having several chats with you about how nutrition directly affects your training. I could not believe he started to order chicken salads and has continued to do so when we have to eat in the fast food restaurants on the go. Thank you for changing him to an overall tennis player and a better athlete!!!" Parent of Christopher Wen, Top 20 USTA 16’s player

Logan and Lance Le

Logan and Lance have improved tremendously since joining your program. Your emphasis on both skills and physical training helped them become more confident in playing tournaments and it showed. Logan steadily improved his USTA records as well as winning some tournaments above his age group. Lance, though only 9, is playing in 12-under tournaments and winning many as well. Most important of all, they enjoy learning with you and appreciate your mentorship. We look forward to having them build up their junior tennis with you in the coming years. Thanks Akshay! Parents of Logan and Lance Le

Shriman and Shreyas Kolachalam

Training with Akshay is very beneficial and as a result of our training with him we have seen improvements in strength, endurance, explosiveness and mental focus. We love going to Akshay because every time we go, we know that we will be pushed to the limit and our game will improve.

Jonathan Li

Jonathan started to work with Coach Akshay on his footwork and fitness about one year ago, and I can see obvious improvement just within the first couple of training sessions. He also helped Jonathan in many other aspects of the game, such as nutrition, training periodization and the mental side of the game. Coach Akshay has played an important role for Jonathan's recent improvement in tennis, and I believe his in-depth understanding of the game and unique but effective way of training can help your game as well. Parent of Jon Li, Boys 16's Top 10 player