Lesson Rates and Class Pathways

Private Lessons

In order to set up the private lesson, please email us aroratennis@yahoo.com. You will need to send us full details about age, level, availabilities, city of residence. After receiving full details, we will send you online registration information.

Private Lesson Rates

Type Rates
1 on 1 Click to see Instructor for The Rates ($65 to $100)
2 on 1 $50 an hour per player

Group lessons

  • Lesson rates range from $15-$42 per hour
  • Session dates – see bottom of home page
  • The classes are offered 7 days a week, 1 time a week
  • The group lessons include classes with ratio of 6 students to 1 coach or 6 students to 2 coach
  • A student may sign up for multiple days a week (preference of parent/student)
  • On average, a student may stay in one level for ~1 year
  • Graduation from one group to next per instructor preference

Group Lesson Class Pathways

QuickStart Levels

Red Ball (Tiny Tots)

Activities are focused on developing the ABCs (agility, balance, and coordination), all while forming the skills necessary to serve, rally, and score. Use of red felt and red foam balls on 36′ court.

Red Ball Advanced (Tiny Rockets)

Allows for participants to train with other performance driven players. Higher levels of concentration and intensity are expected by the coaches. Will learn swing on groundstrokes, serve with a variety of direction, rally, volley and overhead with some control cooperate.

Orange Ball (Might Aces)

Players utilize control, spin, and positioning to their advantage while also being able to consistently rally and cooperate with a partner. The ability to maintain proper technique during points and proficiency on serve is a necessity before graduating to the next level. Orange Balls on 60′ Orange Court.

Orange Ball Advanced (Junior Stars)

This next Orange level includes a large element of competition and point play focus. Orange Balls on 60′ Orange Court.

Green Dot Ball (Grand Slammers)

Players are beginning to determine their style of play and how it matches up with other styles. This class will incorporate both singles and doubles strategy and play. Players should be introduced to 10U Tournaments. Orange Balls on 60′ Orange Court and Green Balls on 78′ Green Court.

Tournament Preparation Levels

Tournament Training 1

Focus is on stronger stroke production and point development for players ready to compete in Novice level USTA tournament play. Prerequisite: QuickStart Green

Tournament Training 2

Point play and shot strategy; participants should possess solid strokes and be ready to compete in Challenger level USTA tournament play. Prerequisite: Novice

High Performance 1

Very high level competition, strong emphasis on conditioning to compete in Open level USTA tournament play. Prerequisite: Challenger

High Performance 2

Lessons focus on very high level competition with a strong emphasis on conditioning. This class concentrates on those players ready to compete in Championship level USTA tournament play. Prerequisite: Open Tournament Group.